Dec 24, 2016

Poland, Sweden, Ukraine

22-29 of November I was in Wroclaw, Poland.
The main goal of the trip was get to know Wroclaw city center and zoo, because next year there will be The World Games. We didn't select the team yet, but I'm among those, who have high chances to be in the team, so preparation is required.

Nov 19, 2016


11-13 of November I ran 3 days of sprint events ─ O-Event in Borås.

Nov 7, 2016

October's summary

Trainings: 34
training days: 29
days of rest: 2
competitions: 3

Time of trainings: 0:38:14
Kilometers: 358

Orienteering: 0:25:57, 242 km, 27 trainings
─ day: 0:15:18, 139 km, 16 trainings
─ night: 0:08:10, 78 km, 8 trainings
─ sprint: 0:02:27, 25 km, 3 trainings

Running: 0:11:16, 116 km, 6 trainings

Strength: 1 hour, 1 training. 

Nov 3, 2016

Ваши рекомендации сборной

Как и вам, мне тоже хочется чтобы наша сборная, будь то юниоры или студенты, брала медали на официальных международных стартах. Поскольку я представляю взрослую сборную, то речь и о ней.
Вопрос к вам простой: чем вы на деле можете помочь команде? Речь не о деньгах, хотя, конечно, если кто-то хочет, то может и так.
Нужны все реальные, имеющие отношение к жизни и выполнимые дельные рекомендации, советы и всё, что может помочь нашим спортсменам стать лучше.

Nov 1, 2016


29-30 of October Smålandskavlen was held.

Oct 28, 2016

Visa and bad thoughts

This word ─ visa ─ makes a lot of troubles for me, as long as Ukraine is not in schengen area.

Oct 18, 2016

Orienteers careers stops

This year some strong runners stops their careers, at least with national teams:

Baptiste Rollier (SUI).
Carl Godager Kaas, Heidi Østlid Bagstevold, Mari Fasting (NOR).

Oct 9, 2016

25manna and -korten

8 of October 25manna relay was held

Oct 5, 2016

Free weekend

All the weekends since 20th of August I competed: WOC, DM (Regional Champs), Swedish Champs in long, where I ran qualification after everyone and public race next day, Swedish Champs in middle and relay. The weekend 1-2 of October was dedicated to Suunto Games and WOC 2017 camp in Estonia, but I had not got my visa in time, so was required to stay at home in Stockholm.

Sep 26, 2016

Swedish champs in middle and relay

23 of September was qualification of middle distance.