Nov 23, 2010

Osenniy Meridian

After vacation in Crimea I back home. And 7 of October here were traditional competitions Osenniy Meridian. So, I went there. The main reason was a new map. Probably, half part of map.

Nov 17, 2010

Krymskie Kanikuly

These competitions are traditional in Ukraine. Only on Krymskie Kanikuly (autumn) and Tavricheskaya Vesna (spring), you can meet more participants than on Ukrainian Championships. And the only one place for them ─ Alushta.

Nov 16, 2010


After few days at home I traveled to Tsiurupynsk.
This year Ukrainian Championships in Triathlon... in what? Is anyone know how it’s called?
We have competitions in normal orienteering. There are 3 days of events: middle, long and sprint. And after those events the winner is a man who takes highest number of points. There is a score table. 1 place take 45 points, 2 – 42, 3 – 40 and so on. And after 3 days there is total score. If you want to win, you have to run well all 3 days.

Nov 15, 2010


As you can see here are some changes in a blog. I shall also try use english language.
So, here is short view on last 10 months: I was injured in January during training camp and still not recovered. In October I traveled to capital of Russia ─ Moscow ─ for much deeper examination and intensive medical treatment.
I spend there almost 3 weeks, but feelings in my leg were still far away from my dreams.
My conservative therapies was finished and I spend few more days in Moscow for sightseeing. Doctor said that if treatment will not help there is only one way ─ invasive radiofrequency treatment. But first of all I have to wait for 2 weeks because there can be an accumulated effect of treatment.
So, I came back to Ukraine in middle of October only with hope.
Few photos by phone.