Nov 1, 2016


29-30 of October Smålandskavlen was held.
5 legs relay: 2 run in the night, 3 in the day.
This year it was a bit new program for night. Every 1 leg runner had his own start minute, ran his course and change to 2 leg runner, as in normal relay. After 2 runner was at finish, the sum of 2 leg was calculated, everyone went sleep and the relay continued next day morning with chasing start for 3 leg runners.
Kalle and Emil did quite good night races, even if Emil lost some time, and after night legs we were 6:23 behind the leaders, on 3 spot. Martin went and comeback at same 3 spot. I was running 4th leg (or 2 in the day). I started normally, doing some small mistakes here and there, but without big. Had some uncertainties in route choice on the way to 5th.
The terrain was not something valuable from technical side of view. I would rather prefer to run in 1:15000 scale this time.

I comeback also in same 3 spot, as went out, but made the gap to 2 place closer and had fastest time on my leg.
Gustav went out on last 5th leg, with +30 seconds to 2 place, but +8 min to the leaders. He ran well and was a bit of the lead during the course over 2 team, but at the finish line IFK Lidingo with Fredrik Bakkman was a bit earlier, so we took 3rd place. Nevertheless, that was nice to be on podium on last more or less important relay of the season.
Victory went to IFK Goteborg.

As a prize, we got sport hat and compression socks.

Results, livelox.

It's looks like the competing season is over now. As always, there will be some small events all the time. Probably I will take part in 3 days of sprints event in 2 weeks.

Finally I got my visa id card, so no I can travel. But where? I thought about Estonia, but the vegetation probably is the most challenging question there and as you understand, there is not a that challenge now.
I also might travel to Poland to walk and prepare in Wroclaw for the next years World Games, which are important for our national federation.
Going to comeback in Ukraine in the beginning of December for a quite long time, probably till April.

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