Oct 28, 2016

Visa and bad thoughts

This word ─ visa ─ makes a lot of troubles for me, as long as Ukraine is not in schengen area.

Ukraine is just to the right, in a grey color.

Nowadays there is a lot of talks in news in Ukraine, that soon we shall get visa free regime, so can travel free to Europe.
Well, even in this case it will not helps me much. Still ukrainians will be restricted to be in schengen area not longer, than 90 days in any 180 days period. So, 3 months there always follows 3 months at home. Same as now.
I actually wonder, who will travel to Europe? Deputies? They have average salary around 1400 euro per month compare to 185 euro per month to other citizens.

For those who don't know, visa is just a sticker in a passport which you get in the embassy of country where you going to travel.

This year we already tried with Ravinen to fix it somehow, and occasionally it worked out, but will not work next year. I had tourist visa, that's why I came to Sweden later, just before 10Mila and was required to stay at home after Jukola to save days for possibility to be in Sweden and prepare better for WOC in July and August. You should know, in summer in Ukraine is quite hot during the day, often around +35 which means you can't train well enough.
After WOC I applied for visitor's permit. First, in migration agency they said that will not grand it to me, but I made pretty  and poor face for 1 hour and we deal that I get it until New Year.

But the problem for next year is open.
The club will try to find some work for me. The club doesn't have enough money for hire me. It should be around 1500 euro per month before tax. And the employer also pay tax, so it suppose to be around 2000 euro, which makes around 24000 euro per year, which is a lot of money for the orienteering club to spend just on 1, even not the worst, orienteer.

We decide that 1 of December the council of the club will say something to me about work, because it's not that easy to find either. Of course, it suppose to be part time work, so I get "enough" time for trainings.
If there is no any good news or they will find something which I might not want to do, I might try to find some other ways, until change the club, even if I don't have wish.

One more thing is that migration agency need a lot of time to make a decision about working visa case. Pavlo Ushkvarok start this process in May and still not got decision.

The worst thing about work is work itself. Or maybe it's only my view on it.
No worries, I'm not lazy.
If I get money for some kind of work and do something which is not related to growing me as an orienteer, why should I do orienteering on high level? I can easily do nothing after work, drink vodka, watch TV or write the great russian novel.
I mean, I'm not 17 years old, I'm not inspired by any competitions in front of me and very seldom looking forward for them. Now I'm considering myself as full time (professional?) athlete. Why should I do some other work instead of finding controls in the forest, even if I don't very enjoy it? If I get money for some other time-spending-process, why I must do something, which I don't enjoy in my free time?

Maybe I'm just a bit mentally weak right this moment after this competitions season and not-WOC-of-the-dream.

Don't get bother also by shit from my head. Probably your wife and kids or girlfriend makes a lot of noise without me. Here is a few pictures to make you smile:

Who is a dick? You are the dick!

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