Mar 19, 2018

The WOC 2017, part 1.

I found a draft of my WOC 2017 report with date of 18 of August of last year. I'm note sure will I ever write second part, but here you can read a little past event.

There is a lot of myself hidden behind these 3 letters.
This year World Champs was held in Estonia. I was focusing on middle distance, because I thought the terrain suits well to me.
Trainings during winter and early spring went not as good as I was expecting due to injuries, but more or less under the control, because I did alternative trainings.

Small group of our runners (with me) went for a first WOC camp 9-15 of April. We got to know locations, maps, forest. This one was also as preparation for WOC selection races which our team had with some other teams later in May.

Second WOC camp was held in May.
12-14 of May there were test races organized by WOC team.
After them we stayed there for a camp.

I didn't run sprint at test races. But ran middle and long.
At middle test I took 2nd place, +13 second back from Olli-Markus Taivainen.
There were many runners, so there were 2 heats with different courses, but more or less same lenght. We ran 2nd heat, which was almost 2 minutes slower than heat 1.

Results, splits.

At long distance test I managed to take a victory.

Results, splits

After the tests we stayed there for a camp.

After the camp we went to Finland for first round of World Cup 2017, where I had no success.

After World Cup I had few possibilities what to do. I decided to comeback to Estonia for another camp, because that was probably one of the best times for it: still enough time until WOC, so I can train as much as I need and the vegetation got more and more relevant.
So, I stayed 2 more weeks in Estonia. That was very nice, because I asked few national teams and they allowed me to take part in theirs trainings. Thanks a lot to Czech, Finnish, France and Switzerland teams!

During this camp something began to go wrong.
First, I made few very big mistakes, when I thought everything was under the control.

Second. I started feel some easy pain in my foot. I began to use some treatment which I normally do in such cases, but it didn't helped a lot.

The price for a 2 week camp was around 450 euro (food, petrol, accommodation).

After this camp I went to Finland for Jukola, where OK Ravinen took 10th place.

After Jukola again me and our national team went to Estonia for last camp and WOC itself. 3 weeks in total.

The vegetation in forest become more dense and my foot slowly continued getting worse.

Earlier, some time during trainig season I decided not to run sprint at WOC, but sprint relay, because of World Games which were few weeks after WOC. Also not to run long distance, because it was 2 days before middle distance.

Sprint relay was not good for us. Artem Panchenko ran 2nd leg. At some point he ran from 12th control to 15, because the line 15-16 was close to 12 control.

During the change over he told me that he didn't continued to run full course, so we were disqualified. I tried to push hard in the first loop, in the city, because this day was also my last workout for middle distance.
But I jogged much more on second loop.
The terrain probably was nice for spectators and TV, but I think very bed for runners. The slopes were too steep and around ruins there were a lot of broken bricks on the ground. Maybe because I felt problems with my foot I didn't get any fun from this place at all.

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