Mar 24, 2018

Camp in Åhus, Sweden

16-20 of March I have been on camp in southern Sweden. Åhus is a small city on coast line of Baltic sea. Not far away there is a bit bigger city Kristianstad.

The camp was not mine. I followed students of local Stockholm's gymnasium, where orienteering is one of the sports. One of my main purpose to be present on training with students is to shadow students in the forest and give advises.

There were almost no snow compare to some 15-20 cm in Stockholm, so that was nice escape.
The terrains are very specific for Sweden generally. No stones, no cliffs, complicated contour details, partly sandy ground.

Saturday morning:
High resolution.

Saturday evening:

Sunday morning. We ran local event. Around 5 cm of snow allover in forest.
Quite easy terrain. Thanks to organizers the scale was 1:15 000, otherwise I could fell asleep. Even despite on that, I made some time loose here and there. You can read in my typical way of analysis:

Results, splits, GPS tracking (livelox).

During the competitions I fell down few times and hurt my both knees a bit, so I skipped evening training and next morning's too.
Students did run relay training: mass start, forked course.

Probably some remainders from the Second World War.

Monday evening:

Tuesday morning. On our way back we ran in more typical Swedish forest. The training was one of another orienteering gymnasium which situated in Olofström.
Tracking (livelox).

Due to of snow still in the forest some competitions around Stockholm are cancelled. Also Swedish champs in ultra long too.
I'll travel to Ukraine soon. On western Easter we will run Ukrainian champs again in Truskavets, as last year.


  1. dear Ruslan!
    from which side do you like to bite off the Easter egg the most?

  2. no, my dear little friend, it seems you're totally insane. but its ok for geniuses