Dec 1, 2010


After a course of conservative therapies I was waiting for accumulated effect but it doesn't come so there was only one way to solve the problem fast ─ surgery.

In Moscow this operation cost $1500-2000 which is very expensive as for me. So I decide take a call to a doctor which advised me in February, just after injure come. And he said that same kind of operation could be done in my town ─ Dnepropetrovsk ─ and will cost $500.  So I decide to do it in home town.
And 13 of November this doctor did it. Operation takes only 15 minutes. There were spinal anaesthesia so I was conscious but  didn't feel lower part of body during operation and next couple of hours.
There was no any hole in my leg. Just small an incision. It was "close" operation.
I take a night in a hospital and on the next day was at home. 
One week after operation. In hospital:

Also with one of the assistants of doctor which was on operation. No photos with doctor because he lives and work in Zaporozhye (90 km from Dnepropetrovsk). This assistant finish same school as me but two years earlier (2002) than me (2004).

Now the incision is delayed and heals:

If you are interesting in more info you may check this site about topaz system and exactly this procedure.
Many thanks to the doctor which did it ─ Maxym Leonidovich Golovakha.
Here is a video (a  scheme) which explain what is going during operation: 1, 2.
And here is a video with operation. Please, do not watch it if you are sensitive because it is really not the nicest video. Link.

What is next? In the next Saturday I shall meet the doctor and he takes a look how it's going. After operation hi said that I may try some easy running in 1.5 months. So, new trainings in New Year.


  1. Invalid hrenov, gelau tebe udachi/

  2. Которая поможет вам принять мою Правду

  3. Давай, заканчивай там уже с этими докторами! Успехов