Dec 22, 2015


Few words about past months.

In September I spend around 1 week in Stromstad (WOC 2016), then ran Swedish Champs around Stockholm, where I made many mistakes at middle and finished 14 and in relay we took 3 place.

Then 1 week with Kratov and Co around Karlskrona.
Afterwards we ran World Cup final in Switzerland (Arosa).

After World Cup we ran in Czech and ate free fruits.

Then I flew to Sweden for 25manna and came back to Czech for a camp for EOC 2016.
Then we ran in Poland. Something like a camp for World Cup 2016 and The World Games 2017.

The Zoo in Wroclaw is big.
Then we drove to Sweden and ran Smalandskavlen.
After we drove to Stromstad for 2 week camp and after all I came back to Stockholm at the beginning of November. So, around 2 months of intensive travels, as it suppose to be at my current occupation.
Also in November we had the club camp for 10mila 2016 in Falun.
My visitor's permit has expiry at the end of November, so I flew back to Ukraine and had applied for a new one (work permit).
All December I'm at home, doing some repairs at apartment, where I do live with my mom.
In January, as well as in February, we will have camps here in Ukraine.
I hope I'll get work visa. And I hope to get it before March, because the plan was comeback to Sweden before Easter.


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