Jan 28, 2015

Interview / Интервью (на английском)

Today I get 28 birthday. I have not too much to say, but you can reed an interview with me.
4 times per year Stockholms Orienteering federation produce own magazine about orienteering in the region. I was interviewed in 4 edition 2014.
Сегодня мне исполняется 28. Мне нечего особенно сказать, так что вы можете прочесть интервью.
4 раза в год федерация ориентирования Стокгольма выпускает свой журнал. В 4 выпуске 2014 у меня взяли интервью (на английском).

In past year I won regional champs in middle, long and night.
В прошлом году я выиграл чемпионаты области на средней, длинной и в ночном.

For those, who have best time sum of long and night distances here is a special prize ─ Mastarjackan, which I won and got 2 000 sek from federation as prize. Thank you very much!
That's why they interviewed me in last magazine. You can read it from picture on swedish or below on english.

Для тех, у кого лучшая сумма времён длинной дистанции и ночного есть специальный приз, который я выиграл и получил 2 000 шведский крон (~ 4 000 грн.) от местной федерации, за что ей большое спасибо!
Поэтому они взяли у меня интервью в последнем журнале. Его можно прочесть с картинки на шведском или ниже, на английском.

удачная фотка :)

Where and when are you born?
I was born in January 1987 in Dniepropetrovsk, Ukraine. It's approximately 1600 km to south east from Stockholm. The city is located on largest river in Ukraine ─ Dnipro.

Occupation and education?
I have middle level education in physical education. You get it after finish special school or college.

How did you get into the orienteering sport? Are there some key persons who helped you to come in to the sport?
When I was in 7 class , at age 12, trainer come to school and invited everyone. It was free of charge compare to other sports, so it was interesting to try.
During all these 15 years I have had many support from different people in many countries, so thanks to all of them. But first of all I'm thankful to my mother, all the coaches which I worked with and sponsor.

Describe your happiest moment as orienteer?
Well, I think when I was young it was big pleasure to find a controls and come back from the forest.
Nowadays I feel good after the race where I ran as fast as possible with time loss as less as possible.

Your most important success in the orienteering sport?
I hope I didn't reach it yet.

What clubs are you member of?
Ravinen in Sweden and Nash Klub in Ukraine.

Why do you live in Stockholm for the moment and what does OK Ravinen meant for you?
I live here because have nothing to do at home and also the terrains in Sweden overall more difficult, than in Ukraine, so it's more space for improvement.
This year was my first with Ravinen, so it was more like intro. I'm getting more deep into the club, so it's getting some part of me. Also I'm very appreciate for support which I have from it.

Do you have, or have you had any role models in orienteering?
Nowadays it's Thierry, no doubts. But I'm also inspired by Jorgen Rostrup, Jorgen Martensson, Kent Olsson, PetterThoresen, Oyivin Thon and Egil Johansen.

Your main strength as an orienteer? Your weakness?
Probably, the strength is in passion to orienteering process itself.
Weakness ─ illness.

Favorite Distance?
All. Due to lack of experience not very comfortable in night.

Favorite training session in orienteering?
Corridor 25 meters wide and running on red line.

What are your feelings about what is happening in Ukraine right now? What are your hopes?
Well, the feelings are mixed. Definitely I'm not indifferent to this war. The border of it only approx 100 km from my city. But I can't solve this problem, so I try not focus on it much, otherwise it possible to get mad.
Of course I hope it finish soon, but don't believe in it.

What is your main goal for 2015 in orienteering, other things?
The main goal is WOC, but I'm also looking forward for Swedish League and other high level events.

Talent outside orienteering sport?
I can not blink with the eyes for 45 minutes.

Some good advices you want to give the readers of StOF-nytt?
Merry Christmass, Happy New Year, and "wear sunscreen".


  1. глазами он блядь не клипает...с днем рождения!и давай вьеби уже мир хоть раз..запарил.

  2. Руслан, вітаю з Днем Народження. Здоров'я та Фарту бажаю. Твої успіхи - попереду! Панченко С,О.

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