Mar 8, 2014

Camp in Sokolinoe

24 february ─ 02 march I was at work (on training camp) in Sokolinoe, Crimea.

Day 1.
First day I took it easy, did only 1 training and set all night controls:
Day 2. Training 1.
The main goal of camp was to simulate terrains of World Cup in Spain and EOC in Portugal, so all day training were in not pleasant terrain. Old map of WC in Spain:
So, first days' training:

The map is a little bit old, I think 1990 year or so. And looks like there is some problems with precise:
Anyway, it's possible to navigate.

Day 2. Training 2. Night-O.

Some controls were not in the forest. I put toilet paper there for last day test course.

Day 3. Training 1.

One of the problem of "one person training" is that you need to do all by yourself.
a) you need to plan the course. This is not real problem, but you lost this new, unknown distance feeling when you take a look on map at start, because quite often you need to think by your head when you plan the course that you will not have very stupid legs.
b) you don't have controls in the forest. Sometimes I don't give a fuck was I in correct place or no (yes, it happens when I don't enjoy orienteering. For example due to bad map or shitty terrain). But normally I take points of control correct, even with mistakes or spending time for check the point. Here you can take a look my mistake, not my giving up:

I though I took the control (point). And I understood I didn't after pass of the road on my way to 11 control, where I saw open place with dells from both side, not just green slope.

Day 3. Training 2. Night-O.

That was interesting experience. There was a fog. Very dense fog. Maybe 15 meters visibility. I gave up on 6 control where totally lost myself. 10 minutes of search finished without success, so I just ran north-east and find myself near 10 control.

Day 4. Training 1.

Almost same parallel mistake as day before already on 1 control. I understood I was not at the point when I was on other side of steep slope. I was not far away, so just went back. Rest of the course went ok.

Day 4. Training 2.
Still it was some cloud over this map, so I ran it as day course.

Day 5. Training 1.

Day 5. Training 2. Night-O.

Day 6. Training 1.

Day 6. Training 2. Night-O.

Day 7. Training 1. Last session. Short distance test.
It was a test race for me. I already ran this course one year ago, prior New Year 2013 when we were her with Kratov and Co.

I did mistake to 2 control. And also I lose some seconds in other places. Maybe wrong route choice to 18 control. Anyway, I was not satisfied with my orienteering, but speed was ok. This time I was 1 minute faster than a year ago. But, I knew the course. My time this time was 0:27:25 and year ago 0:28:28. I can only wonder about the possible time of Thierry: 26 minutes? 25? 23?
2D Rerun (I miss routes of Kratov and Shcherbakov from 2012, so only mine).

The price for 7 days for one person was 76 euro (985 uah), which is a little bit expensive. It could be possible to reduce the total price by having more persons in apartment, because price for 1 person was 7.4 euro/night (95 uah).

Now I'm on camp in Alushta (also Crimea). No worries, here is quite quiet and no soldiers.



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