Jun 21, 2013

Jukola 2013: 3 leg

In night between 15 and 16 of June Jukola 2013 was held in Jamsa, where I took part.

That was my 2 Jukola. Last year I ran last, 7 leg, but this year I ran 3 leg which suppose to be like "långa natten" on 10mila.
I was selected in 2 team and that was as well for me as for team. I was prepared to do my job alone in the forest, but when I saw my first leg teammate runner from Switzerland Stefan on TV and online controls almost with a leaders I understood that it might be also race with compet. On the arena every clubmate was proud and overfull of energy that both 1 and 2 teams was going extremely well.
In a forest I was send 6,5 minute behind the leaders, but just few second behind my old well know friend Emil Wingsted. What can I say? It was fast ride, especially in the beginning when my goal was to got closer to him as much as possible, but our speed was between 3:05-3:20 per km., so I succeed only to keep same distance.

On the way to 4 control I fell down and lost contact just for couple of seconds, but it was enough to lost eye contact with his back in green area. So, my orienteering begun - as you can see 30 seconds mistake.
Then I took other train and we manage to meet Emil again just before 9 control. 
On the 11 control we had forking where we lost approx 20 sec, so I thought he went in front with some other runner. Anyway, I was not alone in the forest, so no reason to care about speed. 
In my opinion we took wrong route to 19, but who could jump out from the train? Yep, no one.
Emil pass me just after 22 control (yes, he did some mistakes, so we were in front). Also the big jow was done by Ralph Street from second team of swedish Sodertalje-Nykvarn club.
I also did mistake to 27 control. I follow the train, but the head went to forked control which I already punch. It wasn't too big miss, but still.
I came to finish almost same time I went out, on 22 position with 16 time on leg.
The rest of relay went well for our team and we manage to set new club record for 2 team with 54 position. Also our 1 team did extremely well and took 5 place!


  1. http://www.tulospalvelu.fi/gps/20130622ofest2H21/
    до 5го уверенно

  2. http://www.tulospalvelu.fi/gps/20130623ofest3H21/
    Растёшь на глазах! Через пару лет Вингстеда хлопнешь ;)

  3. Ага, когда он уйдёт на пенсию окончательно.
    Та блин, не был бы дураком - был бы вторым(по крайней мере боролся), а не пятым.

  4. Та это никому не интересно, все на результат смотрят.
    Был бы первым, если б Нордберг на 10 минут сел.