Oct 10, 2011

Ukrainian Champs in Trail-O

Last weekend I took part in Ukraininan Champioship in Trail Orienteering which was held in Zaporozhye.
This was my first Trail-O course in last 2.5 years.

The championship consisted of 2 event days and total sum of 2 days calculated together and a winner decided.
The 1 day was held in Mokryansky stone quarry.

As usual in Trail-O some controls was canceled after finish, so I took 21 points from 24 possible (2 controls was canceled at finish, but 2 controls is not on the map - time control points). That was the best result of the 1 day.

2 day was held on a Khortytsia island - the largest of the Dnepr river.

This day I made a little bit more mistakes and didn't show the best score result. But, in total sum of 2 days I took the victory.

Photos from first day.

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